Financial Wellness

Our Financial Wellness Narrative

 To get people talking about money and its connection to the health space, Prudential conducted the first Financial Wellness Census™, the most comprehensive survey to date on the state of Americans’ financial health.
The Financial Wellness Census provided the information and inspiration for “The State of US” – a nationwide brand campaign that included a series of films spotlighting key financial challenges facing Americans, particularly young parents, women, pre-retirees and the self-employed. The stories that emerged from communities around the country reflected commonly shared financial challenges, such as increased longevity driving the need to save for longer retirements, the rising cost of higher education, and the changing nature of employment.
Our team timed the release of the Financial Wellness Census to coincide with the launch of “The State of US” films to pair real-life storytelling and data that brings financial wellness into focus. ​​​​​​​
Personalizing the Financial Wellness Census
An interactive data visualization brought our Financial Wellness Census data to life for consumer and media audiences to drive the financial wellness narrative forward. We used this approach to demystify the data and get away from a sometimes trite conversation about statistics. We created a special microsite on that encouraged visitors to take their own Financial Wellness Assessment and see where they stood against the data results.
Establishing the Financial Wellness Census as a unique brand enabled us to periodically release follow-up studies (similar to what is done with the U.S. Census). This strategy intentionally created a reader expectation to receive data in a personable, accessible and relatable way. Activations highlighting audience segments including gender, generations and race quickly followed.
Launch Moment: Media Engagement Event
Through an immersive consumer lifestyle media event, we introduced Financial Wellness – and Prudential – to a completely new set of consumer media outlets, many of whom were not very familiar with the company, but were essential to helping us reach critical customer audiences.
We hosted 25 journalists and influencers representing 19 national consumer lifestyle media outlets: USAToday, Parents, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, GQ, Bustle, MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Blavity, Forbes, Men’s Health, and many more.
The event featured intimate family-style dining where Prudential experts, journalists and influencers gathered to share their financial wellness stories and challenges, from student debt to caregiving loved ones. Interactive elements reinforced our wellness narrative. From “conscious” cocktails to fresh local food and serene music and calm lighting, the spa-like experience drove home the connection between finances and wellness.
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